Focus. Strategy. Results.

Quadrant Five builds profitability and enterprise value by focusing on the unique strengths that each client brings to its markets. We deliver results for clients by identifying and leveraging the competitive edge that is both recognized and rewarded by their A-List accounts.

By making the critical connection between external and internal drivers, the Quadrant Five process identifies the shortest, most profitable path to sustained growth, and aligns client teams to follow that path for rapid improvement. This discipline is particularly valuable for business leaders who must:

  • Find the most direct path to success in a complex environment
  • Build results and reduce risk by linking strategies to customer value perceptions
  • Open up silos to align teams, messages and strategies
  • Build enterprise value in advance of a liquidity event
  • Develop a strategic plan that can be implemented successfully
  • Perform customer/market due diligence on an acquisition target
  • Accelerate profitable integration of an acquired business
  • Reduce customer turnover or increase conversion rates
  • Recoup the cash that is wasted on unprofitable marketing/sales initiatives

Most companies derive all their profitability and enterprise value from a small subset of products, services or practices that are highly valued by their A-List clients. Perversely, the pressures of daily business—including the demands of unprofitable customers—prevent managers from devoting the time and discipline required to identify these leverage points and refocus the business for profitable, sustainable growth.

We have the time and we have the discipline. Welcome to Quadrant Five.

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Attend a Q5 Workshop

For Your Clients: Enhance your relationships with clients by scheduling a Quadrant 5 workshop at your office. Engage your clients on a face-to-face basis as our team delivers new insights and value—at minimal cost. The Quadrant 5 workshop is ideal for banks, insurance brokers, law firms, accounting practices, marketing agencies and other professional services firms that seek new consulting opportunities with existing clients.

For You: Invest just half a day and obtain an immediate return on investment from one of our upcoming seminars for business owners and managers. If your company serves other businesses, if you seek long-term relationships rather than one-off transactions, and if your sales cycle is lengthy or complex, this could be the most valuable three hours you spend in the coming year.

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