Focus. Strategy. Results.

Michelangelo had a simple explanation for his ability to create great sculptures: “I start with a block of marble,” he noted, “and then I remove everything that doesn’t look like a statue.”

At Quadrant Five, we apply the same approach, helping clients chip away at anything that doesn’t look like a successful business. It’s addition by subtraction—and it’s very effective.

The Quadrant Five methodology identifies the strengths that are responsible for more than 100% of profits, along with the initiatives that generate losses—even if they seem profitable at first glance. Quite simply, we focus on three basic questions:

  • What do you do better than your competitors?
  • Do your A-List customers believe you do these things better than your competitors?
  • If they believe it, will they pay for it?

Every successful company has a small subset of products, services or practices that offer positive responses to each of these questions. Perversely, the pressures of daily business prevent managers from devoting the time and discipline required to identify these leverage points and refocus the business for profitable, sustainable growth.

We have the time and we have the discipline. Welcome to Quadrant Five.

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