Who We Are

Quadrant Five is a unique methodology for performance improvement developed by consultant and author Michael Rosenbaum. First as an advisor and later as president of a large consultancy, he both assessed and addressed the challenges of matching business initiatives to the demands of their most important audiences.

Through more than three decades as an advisor to C-Suite executives and as an active member of the Young Presidents Organization, Rosenbaum identified the patterns that lead to lost momentum at the best of companies.

The result of his experience is Quadrant Five, a methodology that is both conceptually simple and sophisticated in its implementation. It’s our singular mission to help clients identify and focus on the measurable strengths that their customers will both recognize and reward.

What is it like to work with the Quadrant Five team?

  • We are focused. Our only job is to make clients more successful by leveraging the strengths they already possess.
  • We are candid. We address issues honestly and productively, without platitudes and glad-handing.
  • We are efficient. Time is the ultimate scarce resource and we won’t waste yours.
  • We connect the dots. Finding the patterns in your business and using them to your advantage has a very high ROI.
  • We are experienced. We’ve been there, done that and, sometimes, have the scars to show for it.
  • We deliver results. We match plans to resources and focus on the achievable.

We make it possible to achieve more with less. Welcome to Quadrant Five.

About Michael Rosenbaum


Quadrant Five founder Michael Rosenbaum has walked the walk when it comes to building a business, so he can be a confidant and compatriot—not just an advisor—for clients. Rosenbaum worked his way up to president of a $35 million company with 300 people and 600 clients. Along the way, he managed operations, HR, IT, and marketing, and advised CEOS and CFOs at more than 200 companies.

Beginning as a newspaper reporter, he developed a specialization in business journalism and earned an MBA on his way to a 30-year consulting career. Representing both angel-backed startups and Fortune 100 giants, Rosenbaum identified the patterns and processes that drive success across a wide range of industries and business cycles.

He is well regarded for designing each performance-improvement process around specific client needs, capabilities, and culture, rather than pushing a pre-fab set of rules for clients to follow. He brings a unique set of skills to each engagement, including experiences as a company president, financial journalist, marketer, IR advisor, non-profit founder, author, and public speaker. Items of note include:

• Received the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland in 2015 for non-profit work
• Honored for the Best Business Biography of 2012 for his fifth book, Six Tires, No Plan
• Frequent speaker on customer relationship value
• Sales instructor for Certified Value Growth Advisor certification program.
• Regional Communications Chair, YPO Gold
• Marketing Chair, AMAA’s Mid-Market Alliance
• Former Chicago Chapter Chair, National Association of Corporate Directors

Books by Michael Rosenbaum

Six Tires, No Plan: The Impossible Journey of the Most Inspirational Leader That (Almost) Nobody Knows

Rosenbaum's biography of Discount Tire Company founder Bruce T. Halle traces his career from failed ventures to the top quartile of the Forbes 400 list. The common sense lessons of Halle's life create an archetypical model for the Quadrant Five process, while offering a clear road map for a successful life. Click here to order

Your Name Here Guide to Life: The book you'd have written, if only you had the time.

This collection of life lessons delivers an instructive and funny tour of the human condition. Warning: Intended solely for people with open minds and common sense. Click here to order

Board Perspectives: Building Value Through Investor Relations

Packed with practice examples and expert insights, this book makes the connection between boardroom theories and investor relations practices, including guidance for the development and implementation of effective investor relations programs. Click here to order

The Governance Game: What Every Board Member & Corporate Director Should Know About What Went Wrong in Corporate America & What New Responsibilities They Are Faced With

This book dissects the corporate practices that defy logic, the questions that are never asked or answered, and the hidden traps that snare so many corporate boards. It’s required reading for CEOs and directors, for investors and consumers, and for anyone who wants to understand what went wrong with corporate America - and how to fix it. Click here to order