What We Do

The Quadrant Five team identifies and focuses clients on the measurable strengths that customers will both recognize and reward. We assess a complex mix of internal capabilities, customer relationships, profit drivers and other factors to bring new energy and impact to client initiatives.

The entire process requires remarkably small amounts of management’s time. Turnaround from start to finish is approximately one month and we maximize predictability by charging a flat fee for our work. In most cases, the payback period for an investment in our services can be three-to-six months.

There are no magic formulas here. We provide the analytical expertise, interviewing skills and discipline to deliver results. In brief, the questions that form the foundation of this process are:

  1. What can you prove you do better than your competitors? We assess your business through a diagnostic tool that cuts through the filters, anecdotes and comfort zones that can limit vision inside the company. We review the business plan, targeted market segments, most profitable products, capabilities, skill sets, profit drivers and other fundamentals.
  2. Do your best customers believe you do these things better than your competitors? We identify your A-List Clients, the customers most likely to both support and enhance profitable growth. These are the customers you want most, so we focus on the ways you can build their long-term loyalty and recruit more customers like them.
  3. If they believe it, will they pay for it? We identify the subset of strengths that can earn premium pricing from your A-List Clients. Then we create a plan to capitalize on these strengths for sustainable, profitable growth

The drivers of corporate success are seldom defined by products, services or industry. In fact, the Quadrant Five methodology is based on the common patterns that define success across a wide variety of industries and corporate structures. Simply stated, success flows from the connections that make customers loyal to profitable initiatives. If this sounds like a great big pile of common sense, you’re right.

Simple is a great strategy. Welcome to Quadrant Five.