What Others Say

Our reputation isn’t based on what we think about ourselves. It’s the opinion of clients and business colleagues that matters most. Here are a few comments offered by people we’ve worked with over the years. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

“Michael has worked with us in a variety of capacities over the past decade, including everything from brainstorming ideas to developing and implementing specific programs… He has the ability to “sort through the clutter” and make recommendations that are clear and actionable.”
Dwight Grimestad, Vice President—Investor Relations, Archer Daniels Midland Company

“When we were in our infancy we hired Michael to help us with strategic planning. His guidance and insights supported our growth, and seven years later we have a strong and vibrant mission that is still based on the strategies we developed with his help…Michael has always delivered his work on time and on or under budget, is a delight to work with.
Bruce Bloom, President, Partnership 4 Cures

He has a real talent for cutting through the extraneous items to get to the heart of the matter. That’s a big plus when I’m seeking a solution that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.”
Darcy Bretz, vice president, investor relations, Middleby Corporation

“As a director of our privately-held company, Michael offers both experiential lessons and fresh perspectives, combining candor with humor to make the process more collegial. He asks pertinent questions, listens to all the facts and shares valuable experiences. Michael’s marketing background permeates our discussions and he has helped us increase our focus on value creation for our customers.”
Jeffrey Lukas, president, Packaging Resources International

“Michael knows the challenges of implementing business plans, which leads him to being an excellent strategist. He anticipates the implementation process during each strategy session and he can recommend adjustments that make success more likely.
Herb Corbin, managing partner, kcsa strategic communications

“Michael can deliver results in both the financial and marketing spheres, which makes him an unusually insightful advisor. I have worked with him on marketing communications, investor outreach and crisis situations and, in each case, he has developed and implemented effective strategies.”
Mike Wien, founder and president, Wien & Associates