Focus Your Team

Accelerate Your (Profitable) Growth

From In Search of Excellence to Good to Great, from Apple to McDonald’s, the lessons for sustained, profitable growth are clear and undisputed. The best, most valuable companies derive success from a disciplined focus on core strengths.

You can gain that focus today — and profit for years to come — by applying our Quadrant Five methodology to identify the shortest, most profitable path to sustained growth. Obtain immediate benefits by attending our half-day workshop, where you’ll learn:

  • Where most marketing dollars are wasted…and how to gain the most impact.
  • What drives customer loyalty for your firm…and how to increase that loyalty.
  • How to shorten the sales cycle…and increase conversion rates.
  • Why core strengths are diluted by daily firefighting…and how to break the cycle.

Our Focus Workshop incorporates the Quadrant Five diagnostic, specific insights for each participant’s business and the first steps you can implement immediately to infuse new focus and impact into your business. Our process begins with three questions every company must know—and act upon—to maximize performance:

  1. What do you do better than your competitors?
  2. What do customers believe you do better than your competitors?
  3. If they believe it, will they pay for it?

As we answer these questions for your company, we will help you identify the most effective strategies for profitable, sustainable growth. Most attendees can obtain measurable results within one month after the workshop, simply by applying our commonsense, strategic tools to current operations.

Immediate ROI

Like our Quadrant Five methodology, our workshop is focused and direct. In slightly less than four hours, we provide:

  • Techniques for analyzing your business.
  • Tools for identifying new opportunity.
  • Effective steps for implementation.
  • Alerts for avoiding missteps.

Most important, our workshop provides insights for applying Quadrant Five tools to your specific challenges.

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We need just four hours of your time to get you on the path to more sustainable growth, increased profitability and greater customer loyalty. Begin that journey today. Click here for information about upcoming public workshops.

Or, if you prefer, we can arrange a customized workshop at your company, energizing your entire team to build focus and results. For an onsite workshop, call (312) 582-4470 or click here to contact Michael Rosenbaum.