Take the Q5 Diagnostic

How do you know if Quadrant Five can deliver value for your company? Use this free diagnostic tool to look at your business in the same way we would and consider whether this type of inquiry might uncover valuable insights. The questions are simple and the scoring is likewise. Give yourself one point for every question you can answer with a ‘yes.’

  1. Do you have a written set of five-year goals that you have updated within the past year?
  2. Do you have a written strategic plan that tells how you will achieve those goals?
  3. Does every full-time employee in your company have a list of the initiatives they need to implement to achieve these goals?
  4. Have you measured the tangible results obtained from these initiatives in the past year?
  5. Can you prove that you have any unique strengths that make you better than your competitors?
  6. Have you assessed the true profitability of your products/services in the past two years?
  7. Have you undertaken an assessment in the past three years to learn what drives long-term customer loyalty for you?
  8. Do you recruit more than 10% of your new accounts via referrals from current clients?
  9. Do you have an independent exit interview conducted with former customers to find out the real reasons they left? (Hint: It’s almost never price.)
  10. Do you have any single executive in the company who is specifically charged with improving the customer’s experience?


10 You are perfect. Your company is perfect. Congratulations.
8-9 Excellent. It sounds as if you’re firing on (almost) all cylinders.
6-7 Good. With a few refinements, you could move quickly into the Excellent range.
2-5 Contact us NOW at 847-749-1010 or email address.
0-1 Contact us yesterday. Alternatively, do you know a good arsonist?